Melrose Heated Driveway & Snow Melt Systems

Never skid and struggle up your driveway ever again with an installation of a Melrose heated driveway snow melt system. Call 781-435-7474. And click here for all our online specials and coupons.

Snow melt

Electric and hydronic heating systems can turn your driveway and stairs into a radiant heat source when the snow falls in Melrose. 51 inches of snow on average is no joke, imagine never having to shovel again. A heated driveway can arrest ice buildup and completely eliminate harmful deicing chemicals from entering our water system.

The Four Key Components of Snow Melting Systems

Generally, there are four key components to snow melting systems. When installed by a licensed technician from Just Right Services they turn your entire slab surface into a radiant heat source.

● A heating element, which is embedded in the slab
● Sensors to detect outdoor air temperatures and moisture
● A power source
● A controller to tie the heating element, sensors, and power source together

Online reviews of our heated driveway work can be seen by clicking here.

Our heated driveway system can be installed directly in concrete, asphalt, or in mortar underneath pavers. Our more senior citizens and commercial spaces can really benefit from this versatile snow melting system that can be extended to your patio, walkway or stairs. If you are planning on installing a snow melting system in asphalt, plan early though as weather conditions limit installation times from late spring through early fall.

Heating your driveway with a radiant snow melting system adds tangible value to your home and increases the life of your driveway. If you keep shovels from gouging the surface and you keep harsh salt and chemicals out of the water table you’ll save your driveway - and our water table.

Snow melt

Power Saving Technology

Radiant heating uses a low voltage, has no moving parts to wear out and requires no routine maintenance. An automated on/off activation device that senses temperature and moisture is a feature that makes heating your driveway simple and efficient.
Many systems come equipped with dual manual and automatic activation so you can relax and know that you heated driveway is going to activate when the snow starts, and shuts off when the driveway is dry regardless.

For Commercial Use, It’s Like Insurance

Think of a heated driveway or stairs as an investment and an insurance policy. Your friends, family members, customers and employees will avoid injury and you’ll reap the benefit in resale value if and when you plan to sell your home.

Call Just Right Services at 781-435-7474 if you plan to install a heated driveway. We will give you an honest quote and be out of your hair in no time. Come January in Melrose you’ll put away that snow shovel forever.