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Heating Repair & Installation Newton, MA

Welcome to the Garden City. Newton has consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in in America. Newton is really a collection of thirteen villages, many boasting small downtown areas of their own and each with a unique character and charm. We serve all of Newton and the surrounding area.

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What is Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating?

Hydronic/radiant floor heating consists of a boiler or geothermal array that heats water. That water is then pumped through PEX tubing underneath the floor's surface. The heat generated from the hot water rises through the floor and warms everything above.

Because radiant heat comes from below, it heats everything in the room, (including you) rather than just the air or the room itself. Radiant flooring keeps everything in the room at a specific temperature that you set. Radiant floor systems are extremely quiet since there is no blower and no ducts. No moving air is a bonus for your indoor air quality because there is no dust, dirt or allergens circulating through the air.

Benefits of a Viessmann High Efficiency Boiler

We install Viessmann high efficiency boilers that feature 95% AFUE on all models. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and is a measure of a gas furnace's efficiency in converting fuel to energy. A higher AFUE rating means greater energy efficiency. A high efficiency boiler installed by a Just Right Services mechanic can provide you with lower energy costs, a more comfortable home and (with regular maintenance) years of worry free service.

Snow Melt Systems in Newton, MA

The average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year. In Newton we do things a bit different. We get 51 inches per year. A good snow melt system installed by one of our licensed technicians is a time (and back) saver. A snowmelt system is also an environmentally sensitive alternative to salt or chemicals which can run into our precious water supply.

At Just Right Services, we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously. With every customer and every house call we strive to exceed–not just meet–expectations. With a snowmelt system from Just Right Services, you’ll save money, help protect the environment, and enjoy the convenience of never having to remove snow manually again. 51 inches of snow can be difficult - for even the young at heart.

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