Melrose Radiant Heating Services

Imagine if everywhere your bare feet stepped was warm and toasty all winter. That’s the reality of Melrose radiant heating service. Call 781-435-7474. Click here for all our online specials and coupons.

 Radiant Heating Services Melrose, MA

We are specialists in hydronic heating at Just Right Services and we use the industry leading Viega brand for our radiant floors. Viega is the global leader in press pipe fitting technology. Whether it’s for for industrial, commercial or a residential project you can be sure you’ve got the best with Viega. Online reviews of our radiant heating systems can be found when you click here.

How Does Hydronic/Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Radiant floor heating has been around in different incarnations for thousands of years. The Romans used it in their public bath houses and large private villas and the Koreans used it to heat their royal palaces. Today’s radiant heating technology has been dramatically improved and the Viega systems we install are top of the line.

There are three components to this heating system:

● A heat source
● A distribution piping system
● Controls

The heat source in radiant floor heating is usually a boiler or a hot water heater, The hot water can be heated by natural gas, oil, electricity, propane, or solar hot water collection. A circulator pump moves water around in a closed loop into the distribution piping system (typically high grade PEX tubing) inside the floors.

Health Benefits of Radiant Heating

A Viega radiant floor can give you and your family healthier air. Because radiant heating uses a ductless design there are no fans, blowers or vents in the floors. When you eliminate all that moving air, you also eliminate dust particles throughout your house and there are little or no airborne allergens to worry about.

If I Have Radiant Floor Heating, Can I Still Have Air Conditioning?

Yes. Separate heating and cooling systems still make the most sense for your Melrose home or business. Ask us about our Unico brand high velocity systems that can be discreetly place in your home without the need for bulky space hogging ductwork. The two systems together are a perfect match.

Does the System Ever Leak?

No. The high grade PEX tubing alone has a life expectancy of more than 100 years. When Just Right Services HVAC specialists install a Viega system, leaks are not a concern. All components are covered by warranty and we are licensed and insured.

The plain fact is, radiant heating technology is more efficient than forced air heating and the Viega brand that we install offers the best methods for installation.

Call Just Right Services at 781-435-7474 today to see if a Viega radiant system will work on your floor. Viega ProRadiant heating solutions can be installed in nearly any type of building and at Just Right Services we can do them all.