Melrose Heating Repair & Maintenance

Keeping your heating system running at peak levels in your home is a job for a professional. Call for Melrose heating repair & maintenance at 781-435-7474. Click here for our valuable online specials and coupons.

Heating Repair & Maintenance Melrose, MA

Like any other traditional HVAC method, geothermal heat systems may encounter occasional maintenance problems. Geothermal heating uses the underground warmth to power your heating hardware. If your system is acting up don’t hesitate to call Just Right Services at 781-435-7474.

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Maintenance of Your Geothermal System

Our knowledgeable technicians can troubleshoot your geothermal array and keep it running at optimum levels. There are, however, a few basic checks you can perform yourself.

• Periodically check to make sure the unit is receiving power
• Inspect fuses and circuit breakers
• Check thermostat is set to the correct temperature and turned to the correct mode
• Check the air filter and coils

Professional Geothermal Heating Repair

Anything beyond these basic checks means a call to us is necessary. We can:

● Find and remedy leaks
● Re-wire faulty electrics
● Fix loop system issues
● Recharge low refrigerant
● Clean filters
● Clean coils and condensate traps
● And more....

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant systems are typically installed in or below the floor of your home and they distribute heat uniformly and comfortably. The heating coils are embedded in the floor so the heat radiates gradually throughout the room. Airflow is negligible in a radiant system and the radiant heat warms everything in its path so the thermostat can be set lower while still maintaining an even temperature. The water temperature required for a radiant system is much lower than for traditional systems too. All of this adds up to huge savings on utilities.

Potential Problems and How We Deal With Them

● Leaks

Radiant arrays are closed systems but leaks can very rarely develop after their initial filling. Leaks in radiant heat pipes are extremely infrequent but when they do occur we have all the state of the art diagnostic tools to isolate and fix the leak efficiently.

● Noisy pumps

In a radiant floor installed by Just Right Services the pumps should work almost silently as they are factory sealed. Older systems and older pumps will eventually start to rattle and excessive noise can be a harbinger of greater issues to come.

Most pumps fail because of defects in the pressure relief valve and an expansion tank might develop rust over time. Regardless of the issue we can fix or replace it at Just Right Services.

Call Just Right Services at 781-435-7474. We are heating repair and maintenance pros and we can assess any heating issue with speed and accuracy and have it fixed in no time.