Melrose Heating Installation & Replacement

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Heating Installation & Replacement Melrose, MA

At Just Right Services we can schedule regular maintenance of all your heating systems so they run as efficiently as possible for years to come. By conducting comprehensive inspections that head any potential problems off at the pass we offer the most economical and environmentally friendly solutions in the business. Preventive maintenance can sometimes feel like shelling out money once or twice a year for not much discernible benefit, but trust us, the alternative of a heavy repair bill is so much worse. Click here to see online reviews of our plumbing services.

How Do I Know If My Boiler Needs Attention?

Older boilers can begin to deteriorate and suffer from any of the below symptoms, if you recognize any of the below, give us a call.

● Water leaks around your boiler
● Knocking sounds produced by your boiler
● Rotten smells emanating from the unit
● Thermostat not reacting to commands
● Pilot light fails to stay lit, or light turns from blue to yellow

We can address your problem honestly and efficiently. We will never coerce you into buying an expensive new boiler if we honestly believe yours can be mended and has some efficient life left in it. We’ll always first inspect your existing unit and locate the source of the problem. It’s always about options and what's best for your situation.

Snow Melting Systems Are Heating Systems Too

Our licensed and trained mechanics can install hydronic heating systems that can turn your concrete driveway into a radiant heat source when the snow starts to fall in Massachusetts. Imagine, no ice buildup, no shoveling and no need for harmful deicing chemicals.

The Four Components of a Just Right Snow Melting System

Generally, two types of snow melting systems are available for use in exterior slabs on grade: hydronic snow melt and electric snow melt systems. Both arrangements rely on four components to turn your driveway into a radiant heat source capable of surviving the worst winter has to give. The elements are:

● A heating element (typically PEX pipe) embedded in the slab
● Sensors to detect outdoor air temperature
● A power source
● A controller to tie it all together

Our HVAC technicians are specialists in all aspects of the craft. For your heating needs, we also take care of:

● Heater repair and maintenance
● Heater installation and replacement
● Boiler installation
● Geothermal heating
● Boiler repair and replacement
● Water heater services
● Heating system repair
● Hydronic floor heating installation
● Radiant floor heating installation
● And more...

Our Service Area Includes:

● Melrose
● Cambridge
● Somerville
● Newton
● Lexington
● Medford
● Isthmus
● And beyond...

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