Melrose Ductless Mini Split AC Repair & Installation

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Ductless mini split systems are a modern and elegant answer to the issue of large evaporator units and bulky AC ductwork. The compressor and condenser are placed outside of your home or business and only thin copper tubing pumps refrigerant directly to the wall mounted blowers inside your home.

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How Much Can You Really Save With These Units?

A ductless mini split with an Energy Star rating can lower your home's heating and air conditioning costs by up to 30 percent. When you take into account electrical and HVAC costs account for about 48% of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, it makes a huge difference to have an efficient and green system working for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split System ?

We are certified technicians of LG ductless mini split systems. We believe that they are the best equipment choice for home additions or selective zone heating and cooling.
The advantages of a mini-split system over other types of cooling/heating equipment are:

● They provide heating and cooling in homes that have no air ducts
● They provides unparalleled independant zonal temperature control

Ductless mini-split systems are comprised of two major parts:

An outside part called the condenser (for cooling-only models) or a heat pump (for heating and cooling models), and the inside parts called air handlers. Your home’s temperature can be set and changed by remote control and for that extra flexibility, you can run 1 to 5 indoor air handlers (depending on the model) easily.

Is a Ductless Mini Split Installation the Right Solution for Your Home?

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We can really only answer that question once we have assessed your home. The salient fact is, if the need for heating or cooling in the space decreases, so too does the electrical consumption. AC systems that cycle on and off frequently use a lot of energy. Ductless systems avoid turning on and off over and over again which translates to huge savings. Eliminating ductwork and the associated energy loss therein is also a big factor in energy consumption. If your home has baseboard or radiator heating with no air conditioning, ductless mini splits can deliver efficient and effective air cooling and supplement your existing heating systems in the winter.

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