Melrose Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

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Air Conditioning Installation Melrose, MA

Hire an experienced Just Right Services HVAC specialist to install your residential or commercial air conditioning system in Melrose. A comfortable living or working space is achievable with Just Right Services. We can design a system that works perfectly for the size and layout of your building. Online reviews of our air conditioning installs can be seen by clicking here.

Punctual and Affordable Installation

Our team is fully licensed and insured. We always show up on time and stick to the quote we gave you. In our experience it’s always best to discuss the benefits of different AC units and fully explain how each system operates. We're a locally owned and operated business so we’re always just a phone call and a short drive away.

Unico High Velocity Cooling

There are some beautiful homes in Melrose and we want to help maintain the architectural integrity of our neighborhoods by offering high velocity cooling systems from Unico.
Unico systems feature small and flexible duct-work that fits right into the existing construction of older homes, without the bulky ductwork of conventional AC units.

Benefits of a Unico Air Conditioning System

Traditional central air-conditioning systems can force you to shoehorn ducts into your home. Not only does this upset the overall design of your home, it also takes up a lot of space. The Unico system of PVC ductwork is virtually invisible. Full-size ductwork cannot hide in the same way Unico ducts can. They are only a few inches in diameter and they easily slide behind walls and fit between joists so they stay permanently out of sight. Furthermore, Unico air handlers are so compact that they can be tucked away in an attic, preserving valuable living space.

Incredibly Quiet Operation

Traditional central AC systems make a lot of noise but a Unico system installed by a Just Right Services technician has an exterior layer of noise reducing insulation that virtually eliminates the noise created by the high-velocity rush of air inside. Cool air also enters the room through aspiration. This means the existing air in the room is drawn to the small vents, the result is a far more even temperature through the whole room with no overly cold spots.

The Unico system may be right for you if:

● Want more benefits than any other cooling system
● Have a smaller or older home that needs an AC upgrade
● Crave consistent room temperatures
● Don't want to compromise your home's architectural splendor
● Expect greater energy efficiency
● Are embarking on a new build


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